New Session Hot girls in La Mamada island 15

I decided to mix things up and have some sex in the back of my car. I get turned on thinking some people might accidentally see us fucking in there. My windows aren't tinted and there are people walking all around us. But public sex is not really that unusual on La Mamada Island. But I still cum extra hard thinking there are people watching us fuck.

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  • People ask me who is the most famous person that has ever been to La Mamada Island. Well, one time, I flew out this guy that was the head of a big Asian country. You’d know him instantly if you seen him. But anyway, he wanted to fuck all these latina women, but his security personnel ended up taking all the women and he was sitting there in the corner jerking off for the longest time. I think he fired them all after that. Some of them just stayed on the island and abandoned their posts. They never did leave. I don’t really blame them.

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