My dog Neyssi wants to play ball and the girl says time is up she has another client waiting

Pets are cute but sometimes they can be annoying. I was on the clock with this cute escort and my dog kept interrupting us with her barking. And then she decided she wanted to play with my dog. That would be fine, but before I even got to finish, she tells me my time is up. She wasted so much time worrying about my dog that I think I should have got a partial rebate. What a rip off!

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  • Put the dog outside. Problem solved.

    • Some people consider their pets part of the family. Would you tell your Grandpa to go sit outside while you fucked a hooker? I think not.

  • This is kind of pathetic and unprofessional. I’m not sure whose dog was barking, but if it was the escort’s dog I would have made a call and had it put into a professional high end kennel while she was working. That’s just the sort of thing I do with my money. I like to help the less fortunate, despite what the people on here think.

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