Multicam Spycam Technology 6

Here's some more of the hot women I bring home to fuck in my pad that I have hooked up with the latest multicam spycam technology. I have the cams all through my house so I am always able to get the best view when I am having sex with these escorts, and they never know they are on cam, unless of course I tell them. Some of them don't mind being recorded, but some try to get more money out of me for it.

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  • Just a warning to anyone that have bought my spy cameras. Please keep them away from anything combustible. That includes drywall, carpet, wood, tile, insulation, etc.

    • So basically you’re saying they aren’t safe to use anywhere in a house, since those materials are what every single house is made of. LOL! What a crook!

  • Don Pancho! Where are you? This spycam setup you sold me quit working. Not only that, one of the caught fire and almost burned my house down! I want my money back! NOW!

    • Wow, I’ve never heard of that happening. Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in?

      • What??? Are you an idiot? I just said it almost burned my house down. There is nothing left of the camera except melted plastic! Do I have to call my lawyer?

        • Do you have pets or rodents? I have heard of animals chewing through the wires. Maybe that is what caused your fire. I know on the label it says they are not CSA or UL certified, so I am sorry, but you use these cameras at your own risk. And your insurance probably won’t cover the fire damage.

          • Are you serious? It doesn’t say anywhere about them not being safe to use. You are going to get your ass sued off buddy.

  • Now that is what I call an ass! Amazing!

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