Multicam Spycam Technology 5

Here's some of the big-bootied latinas that I bring back to my place so I can record multiple angles of me fucking them. Just look at the size of the ass on some of these women. It's like heaven if you're an ass man. They are all great in bed and love taking my hard cock inside of them. It feels so good to bust a nut inside of them. I always get the best angle of me cumming with all of my hidden cams.

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  • If anyone is interested in buying spycams like this for their own home, let me know. I have a 2 for 1 special going on right now. Great for secretly filming hookers.

    • I warned you before about this. Us sisters don’t want to be filmed without our knowledge. If we allow filming, we want to be paid for it. These cameras are creepy and an invasion of privacy! You better watch yourself ese!

      • Not only is he a creep, there’s another guy on a post on here saying his cameras almost burnt his entire house down. Mr Pancho says his cameras aren’t safe to use inside a house. THIS GUY IS A CROOK!

        • My cameras are perfectly safe. They are just not tested for use in North America. Anyone that had a fire probably did something wrong to cause it.

          • I did something wrong all right! I made the mistake of plugging it in! These things are dangerous! I want my money back! I am coming for you buddy!

  • I hear all these spycams report to the CIA. I would never want one of those in my house. I don’t need Joe Biden watching me masturbate.

    • My cameras are all made in China. They are as safe as using a TikTok account, as far as privacy goes.

  • Those are some chunky ass latinas. Just how I like ’em.

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