Multicam Spycam Technology 4

Here's some footage from my latest spy cam experiment. I like to record my sexual encounters, but a lot of escorts don't like to be on film, for privacy reasons. They will often get upset if they know they are being recorded. That is why I have placed little spy cams all thoughout my apartment so I can record them without knowing. I've got hours of footage of me fucking these women without them knowing they are being recorded.

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  • Please share your spy cam specs, I would love to record on my next trip to Colombia

  • I am an authorized installer of Multicam Spycam Technology. They work great, as you can see in this series of videos. I had one of my guys out to install some cams at a massage parlour, and he ended up falling asleep while setting up the cameras in their gloryhole section. Well apparently guys went into the booth and seen him there and thought he was part of the show, and he ended up getting his pants taken down and fucked by some horny, gay men. I think that taught him to never fall asleep on the job again!

    • Damn that would be a rude awakening. Nothing like getting ass-fucked for falling asleep on the job!

  • This latina babe looked so sexy. Something about her face. She has that really slutty look that makes you realize you are in for a treat once you get her alone in a room and get her clothes off. Even though she doesn’t have the biggest tits, she makes up for it with her attitude and her technique. Any guy would love to stare into her eyes while she looked up at them with those sexy eyes.

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