Multicam Spycam Technology 3

When I spied this hot latina babe I knew I wanted to bring her back to my place so I could film myself having sex with her on my multi spy cam setup. At one point you can see her look into one of the cameras and I thought I was going to be busted, but she just ignored them and we kept on fucking. I might have to try hiding them a little bit better.

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  • These cameras are really top of the line. I have one customer that owns a shopping mall that wanted them installed in all the ladies bathrooms. I never asked questions, I just did the work and collected my money.

  • I dont agree with this guy using these hidden cameras. If these women wanted to be on film they would let you know. I personally charge more if a client wants to film me. Most women wouldn’t have an issue with it, but doing it secretly is creepy and disrespectful to the women. Maybe they have a job in real life that they don’t want associated with their escorting. So this guy needs to stop. Get their consent first.

    • Do hookers really care about getting filmed? They are already getting paid to suck and fuck strangers. Seems like a strange thing to have a moral dilemma about….just being recorded.

      • None of the escorts I have hired want to be filmed. A lot of them have day jobs or families and don’t want this stuff on the Internet forever.

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