Multicam Spycam Technology 1

Latin babes always have the best booties. Just look at the ass on this sweety that I invited back to my place so I could record her with my spycam setup. I have them positioned all over my house and can get almost any angle once I start fucking these women. I never tell them they are being recorded, since most of them would not agree to it, at least without me paying them a lot of extra money.

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  • I’ve seen some really hot stuff in my days troubleshooting spycam installs for my clients. Sometimes I peek at the videos they’ve been recording and see some pretty crazy stuff!

  • I love this girl’s outfit. Some women just show up wearing a t-shirt and some old granny panties and don’t try to make themselves sexy at all. They should all try to look their best at all times in order to please their clients. Her little skirt is so sexy and I would love to rip it off her, as I’m sure most of her customers would. Props to you my latina sister! Stay sexy!

    • Ya she put in some effort. I’ve had women show up before that didn’t even take the time to shower inbetween clients. Talk about disgusting!

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