MoneyNeverSleeps Gets a massage with a happy ending in her private gym 3

Here you can see MoneyNeverSleeps getting a massage, and a little bit more, in one of his super expensive gyms. I guess that is a great way to stay in shape. Use the exercise equipment to get your heart pumping, then fuck on it later to get your cum pumping. One thing you can say for sure, this guy does have great taste in women. She is very hot and I would love to have my own "workout" session with her.

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  • Here is one of my regular daily fucks. I have a pantheon of women I can choose from, but I have a few favourites I like to return to. She is also one of my many personal trainers. She helps me on cardio days and we usually end up fucking after a nice workout session. That’s how I roll folks. Any female that works for me has to be gorgeous and she has to know she will be my personal sex toy whenever I feel like using her.

    • So your employees are forced to have sex with you as a term of their employment? I really don’t think that is legal.

      • No one is forced into anything. They know exactly what they are getting into when they are hired. It states so precisely in the contract they sign. Do you think someone like me does not run all this stuff by their team of lawyers first? I didn’t become a multibillionaire by being a dumb ass. Instead of questioning me, you should be asking me for advice on how to improve your sad life.

        • There’s no way you can have mandatory sexual intercourse as a term of employment. But have fun when someone’s lawyer wants to make an example out of you.

          • I welcome all litigation. My i’s are dotted and my t’s crossed. Rest assured.

  • He is a very lucky man that he can afford to hire the hottest women like this. She is stunning and any man (or woman) would love to get her into the bedroom (or high end home gym). It’s funny to see her wearing the face mask though. I guess this must be an older video. Also, MoneyNeverSleeps, you need to use your workout equipment more. You’re starting to get a gut on you.

    • You are the last person to talk about anyone’s physical attributes. When I made the mistake of throwing some charity your way, your pussy was as loose as a goose. What’s the old saying, like throwing a hot dog down a hallway? And NEVER call me “lucky.” Luck has never had anything to do with my position in life. You must be mistaking me for the CryptoBillioinaire, who is nothing but a glorified gambler.

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