MoneyNeverSleeps Gets a massage with a happy ending in her private gym 2

MoneyNeverSleeps likes to start his day off with an early morning workout, followed by a full body massage. And of course a massage is not complete without a happy ending. I'd be leary of using that gym equipment after he blows his load all over the place every morning, but then I remembered that he probably has a person hired to do nothing but clean up his jizz all day. It must be nice to be a multimillionaire.

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  • Mr MoneyNeverSleeps, I see you are into receiving daily massages. Have you ever had a nuru massage? I can offer NuruSoapy massages with a happy endings. It is my specialty. Yes, I am a man, but I am the best in the business.

    • You should be ashamed to offer those things to men.

      • Having sex with 4 or 5 men a day does not make you Gay. I am a NuruSoapy professional and with the money I earn I can afford to buy the best Cheats for video games and I am in the first places in the rankings. What important thing did you achieve in life?

        • Thanks for the offer, but like cowboy says, you are one sick puppy. I am not gay and no man’s hands are getting anywhere near my body.

  • These women seem to be having a good time, so maybe he kept his attitude in check for one night and let them have fun. Or maybe they just enjoy working with each other that much, that they could ignore him and his braggadocia long enough to help each other get off. I love working with other women, especially when we have known each other a while and know what each other likes sexually. I bet these women made themselves cum more than what his penis did.

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