MoneyNeverSleeps Gets a massage with a happy ending in her private gym 1

Nothing releases tension as nice as a full body massage. Well, nothing except a happy ending. This is how the super rich live. No worries at all, except who they'll get to massage the cum out of them that day. Decisions, decisions. Apparently one masseuse wasn't enough for this guy, so he called in 2 hot women to suck him off at the same time. Must be nice.

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  • I see most of the people on this site dreaming about having even one threesome in their lifetime. I have one daily. That is the difference between me and you people. When there’s something I want, I work to achieve it. Instead of sitting back on my ass dreaming about it, I do it. One of these days these words I am typing will sink into your pea brains out there, and you will realize you need to work hard to achieve greatness in life. It doesn’t just get handed to you on a silver platter, well, unless you are someone like CryptoBillionaire who gets lucky at gambling.

  • I have to give props to MoneyNeverSleeps for a change. He actually did something nice and hired a thicker girl as his masseuse. I’m surprised he never shunned her for being too fat. I know a lot of guys love chubby women, I just never figured he would be one of them. He holds everyone to such ridiculously high standards all the time, that I was surprised he’d even give a bigger girl the time of day. I guess maybe he’s not as evil as he lets on to people.

    • The only reason I let the bigger girl touch me is because she is a friend of one of my personal trainers. Despite you painting me out to be some kind of monster, I do in fact have a heart and try to help people when I can. She needed the money for stomach staple surgery, so I was happy to let her be part of my threesome for some money. Otherwise you are right, I would never let a chubby woman anywhere near my penis. But I am a philanthropist.

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