MoneyNeverSleeps Fucks an Elite Girl in one of her secret mansions 1

Well here it is, the braggart, MoneyNeverSleeps, in action in one of his own porno movies. Here you can see whether or not his small penis size was exaggerated by some of the women on here. And you can see his wealth for yourself. Do you think he has earned his big head, with all the bragging he does on here? Or is he just another blowhard trying to act like a shiny dollar coin, when in fact he's nothing but a dirty nickel?

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  • Damn bro, all that money and you can’t buy a camera with a microphone?

  • Props on the amazing pad dude! I can’t even afford a membership at Gold’s Gym. Some day I’ll be fucking hot bitches in my home gym like you though bro!

  • Se folks, this is how a real man lives. I wake up at 5:30 AM and have my breakfast delivered to me by my personal assistant. Always made to order. Farm fresh eggs from my own on site chicken coop. Handmade bread baked daily. Then I go to one of my 3 on-site gyms. Each gym is dedicated to what body part I am working on that day. Makes it easier so I don’t have to switch machines up. I have a gym for upper body. One for building core strength, and another gym to work exclusively on my legs and cardio. Then once I am good and sweaty I get a nice massage and sexual tension release. I do this EVERY DAY. Do you people understand how great my life is now? How about showing me the respect I deserve.

    • Respect is earned, not demanded. All you do with your bragging and disgusting talk is make yourself look like a fool. Respect? Try having some self respect.

      • Come on, the guy is clearly doing something right. I mean, he is having threesomes in his gym daily. Props to you sir, you are truly the personification of the American dream.

  • Well here he is in all his glory. As you ladies can see, his penis is clearly not as big as his ego. Sure, he has a nice place and pays extremely well, but I could never work for him again after all the arrogance and attitude he has shown on this site. Money can buy a lot of things, but it sure can’t buy class. MoneyNeverSleeps, maybe take some of that money you hoard and donate to some charities to help women’s causes.

    • My penis is definitely bigger than you give me credit for. Stop lying. We can all see the video evidence. You would never work for me again? No, I would never HIRE YOU AGAIN! You are permanently blacklisted from my property. In fact, even my employees are blacklisted from hiring you. You are not even worthy enough to jack off the guy that changes my engine oil or the guy that cuts my massive lawn.

      • Sorry, I beat you to it. I have banned anyone associated with you. Anyone that would willingly work for you is not someone I want putting their penis inside me.

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