Massage Happy end 9

Here is some footage from a massage parlour that is more into giving out happy endings than they are actually giving massages. Of course they try to let on they are there to massage your body, but the only thing that really gets massaged is your penis. These Asian women are experts at making you cum using all parts of their tiny bodies.

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  • Bambi, I was being nice with you, but if you’re going to start trash talking Texas, we are going to have words, missy. Don’t mess with Texas.

  • I like that this masseuse went right to his cock and never wasted much time rubbing his back or something stupid like that. That is a feature we are programming into our sex robots. If you want them to bypass the massage portion and get straight to the happy ending all you have to do is say the keyword: “Happy ending.” They’ll immediately starting sucking and yanking on your cock.

    • I’m still going ahead with my free burgers and blowjobs campaign. I won’t quit just because cowboy69 backed out of our deal.

      • Honey, all that’s going to get you is a ton of spoiled hamburger buns and patties. You can’t stop progress.

        • He’s right Bambi. I heard he has people working on creating synthetic beef now too, grown in a test tube. I’ll probably be the next one put out of business, so I am just trying to make as much money as I can now. No hard feelings honey.

          • If you would stand up and fight with me, instead of folding like a deck of cards, we could stop him. You won’t even try. Aren’t you from Texas? I thought Texans had pride and courage. You are a disgrace, just like moneyneversleeps.

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