Massage Happy end 10

I keep going back to this same massage parlour. That's because the Asian woman there gives out free hand jobs for a little extra tip. Otherwise known as a happy ending. The amazing part is she is actual a professional masseuse. So you get a professional quality massage and then get to cum afterwards too. It's the best of both worlds!

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  • Priestxxx, if you want to pray for someone, pray for BambiBlowjob and all her fellow sex workers. They will be out of work by Christmas. That is when my new sex robots are launching.

    • Evil never truly wins. I’m afraid you’ve taken the wrong path in life with your obsession with these sex robots. It will be your ultimate doom.

      • Pffft. I’ve won my whole life and I just keep winning. You keep warning me about God’s wrath, but I tell you what…..I’ll just build a better God.

  • Honestly this massage is really subpar. Not much effort being put into it, and low energy. Our latest revision of our sex robots would have made this guy cum 3 times in the time it took this Asian lady to make him cum once.

    • Your robots can make a guy cum 3 times in 23 minutes? Maybe I need to rethink this sex robot thing.

      • You can’t be serious cowboy? What happened to our free burger and blowjob campaign? I’ve ordered 1000 hamburger buns already and I had to pay for them out of my own pocket. You can’t back out now. We had a verbal contract!

        • Are you starting to see that I always get what I want? I always win. My robots will decimate your sex workers. Every man’s dream is to have a 100% faithful servant ready to fuck and suck them, then cook them a nice meal. My robots have perfected what God tried to create.

          • What you just said ensures you a life in Hell, moneyneversleeps. I pray for your soul but I fear it is far too late for you now.

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