Man cheater banned from all existing Video Games fucks a girl not to get bored 2

I'm a former professional video game player that has been ostracized from the competetive video game circuit for my cheating. But before I was banned for life from competing, I earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in the tournaments using my extreme cheating methods and hacks. It was definitely worth it, since now I get to live the life I want, fucking prostitutes every week. Before I had money, women like this wouldn't even look at me.

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  • She really enjoyed sucking on his love pole.

  • Competitive gaming is big in my country, especially in Starcraft, and cheaters like this are looked down upon. It is unfair and all players must be on a level playing field.

    • I used to play Starcraft back in the day. Not much of a community outside of Korea these days I think.

  • It’s ridiculous this guy made so much money using these cheats. He should be forced to return the prize money, or better yet, sued for his cheating.

    • Well if there weren’t rules in place about cheats before the tournaments, there’s not much that can be done. Or else I think they already would have acted on it.

  • All the money i earn doing NuruSoapy massages I spend on Premium cheats. I like to be the best when I play these games. If the game allows it, there is no reason not to use it.

    • That’s the whole point. The cheats AREN’T ALLOWED in the games. That is why they are considered cheats. Anyone using them should be banned from online play, and especially from tournaments.

      • Well I don’t care what you think. If the cheats are out there and I can buy and install them, I am going to use them. I will use any competitive advantage I can.

  • Now that is a gorgeous blonde. Not really a fan of fake breasts, but some men like them. I like that she was masturbating while she was sucking him off. Shows that she was into it too, and wanted to get off herself. That really makes the client feel happy. She has a gorgeous body even though she looks like she is at the high end of the age range for most escorts. I bet there’s been a lot of cum hit that tramp stamp on her back over the years.

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