Man cheater banned from all existing Video Games fucks a girl not to get bored 1

I used to be a big e-sports competitor, but I got banned for using cheats. There was nothing specific in the rules about the software I was using so I assumed it was OK. Anyway, they didn't think so, so now I am unable to compete in any online gaming tournaments anymore. I find I don't have anything to do in my spare time now. So I have started fucking lots of women to fill in the empty void left by my banning. So far, it seems to be working out really well. I don't miss online gaming at all!

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  • Video game cheaters are the worst. You deserve much more than a ban. You should have been fined and sent to jail. I hope they took away all the money you won in past tournaments. I complete in esports too, and people like you make my blood boil.

    • Relax their buddy, it’s just a video game. No need to get your panties in a bunch. lol!

      • Cheating in competitive esports is no different than cheating in professional sports. Lots of money at stake. Please educate yourself before spouting off about something you know nothing about.

  • Wow, she has a really nice body and looks so hot. I love her tasteful tattoos. The ribbon tattoo around her leg makes it look like she has wrapped herself up as a present for her client. I bet he unwrapping that gift! She really had everything going on you could ask for. Giant tits, soft ass, sexy pedicured feet, and a beautiful face. He seemed to really enjoy her pussy. And she was putting in lots of effort too and looked like she was enjoying herself. Clients love that the most when they girl they hire get off with them.

  • I don’t see what the big deal about cheats are. I say let everyone use them so it’s fair. I always use wallhack when I play. It makes the game more fun as far as I am concerned.

    • Of course an injun would cheat during online games. Just like you get to cheat when you do your taxes. Play by the same rules as the rest of us, you don’t need special treatment. If the developers wanted you to use wallhack, it would have been included in the game.

      • Of course you single out the Native Americans. You didn’t play by our rules when you stole our land. Stop crying about taxes. We should be charging you guys to stay in this country, not the other way around. We were here first.

        • Ya, just keep crying for special attention. I bet pretty sure in games they will have a native american mode where you get to kill everyone with one shot, since god forbid we treat everyone equally instead of giving one race special treatment.

          • Is the bigot cowboy from Texas really talking about equality? Face me in Call of Duty Modern Warfare right now and I will kick your ass without any cheats.

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