Made in Hong Kong 8

Here's some footage I shot in Hong Kong with some beautiful Asian women I hired to be my escorts for the night. Chinese women are always so petite and youthful looking. It must be their diet that keeps them looking so fresh and young. These two were real beauties and it was a big fantasy of mine to have sex with two hot Chinese women at the same time. They were pretty much perfect specimens.

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  • You have created a masterpiece. You set the camera and the stage perfectly. Lighting also very good.
    I will call the woman with shorter hair initially on the right Little Sun and the one with longer hair on the left Little Moon. Women have their estrogen cycles. At the peak of the cycle they are most horny. I think you figured out that Little Sun was at her peak. When you first approach them, you spread Little Sun’s legs. She is so receptive to that, spreading them wider. Perhaps she wanted you to kneel at her love altar and lick her button. We all have our preferences. You chose not to take this route. After some initial oral fun with Little Moon, you spend most of the session with Little Sun. She is obviously pleased by your pumping from behind, from below from the front. It is precious when you move her closer to the camera so we can hear her moans. You are also so gentle and kind to help her clean up afterward. Good job. Please post more here.

  • This is what I imagine heaven looks like.

  • Man what a lucky bastard! I would like to have 5 minutes with either of those girls, let alone both of them at the same time!

    • It’s got nothing to do with luck. It’s all about the money. Try getting a good job or investing in good business ideas and you too can afford to have all the threesomes you want. Just ask me about some of my latest ground floor investment opportunities.

      • Money is the root of all evil. I wish you would focus your life on helping others instead of coming up with new ways to make even more money. I’m worried for your soul.

        • He is too far gone father. Now he’s accusing me of being co-conspirators with a psychologist on here that was trying to help a bald man grow his hair back. All his money has made him paranoid.

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