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I love getting massages. It's a great way to get rid of the stress from a busy work week. Some people think I only go to places like this in Hong Kong for the happy ending. Well that may be true, but they also give surprisingly good massages if you go to the right place. Just look at the techniques she uses on me. Of course the best part was still getting the nice cumshot release at the end.

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  • This is recorded in a Spa room. The woman works for the spa. The guy is a customer.
    Good video. Lighting and cam placement good. It is sometimes difficult to get cameras into these places.
    The women receive training in this routine.
    She does a standard Chinese Spa treatment, starting with a back massage, then tongue bath of entire back, buttocks, thighs, and calves circling in to the anus. Then she gets you on knees and elbows and scrubs your anus with alcohol wipes and sprays it with antiseptic spray.. Sometimes she puts a cellophane between your anus and her tongue but sometimes not. You, knowing what is coming, have also scrubbed yourself clean in a shower before the session. Despite all this preparation, there is still some danger of contraction of nasty things like Hep A. However, this is probably rare.
    The sensation of being rimmed is exquisite and not like any other sexual stimulation. The first time I experienced this, I had dreams about it for three nights in a row. Sometines, like here, she massages your cock while she licks. Guys with premature ejaculation finish here.
    Next comes very gentle oral sex. After that, I ususally take charge and request penetration in cowgirl or missionary position. Other guys have other preferences. Whole thing takes more than an hour. You leave feeling alive and refreshed and grateful to your partner for her great service.
    On leaving the establishment, you pay a bill that includes these services. Usually the spa bill is about 900 yuan ($150) It includes a simple lunch, use of the public bath and your time with this angel. She takes about 300 yuan. She usually has 2 or 3 of these sessions on a good day.

  • Wow that is one thing I can not do. I would never lick a man’s asshole. Sorry, but there is usually too much hair there. Just not very sanitary.

  • This shows why my sex robots are much safer than real women. Imagine seeing this girl an hour after she is done with this guy. She just licked his entire body, including his asshole. Then she would be kissing you. Our sex robots can be full sanitized at temperatures capable of killing all germs and bacteria. Much safer and cleaner.

  • Man she really uses that tongue and mouth well. She licked him everywhere! Even his butt crack!

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