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This raven-haired asian beauty was so hot I couldn't wait to get a taste of her tiny Chinese pussy. I booked a room in the heart of downtown Hong Kong and found the most attractive Asian girl I could find that was willing to fuck me. I formally don't perform oral on escorts since you never know how many loads have been shot in them before you that day, but on this one I couldn't resist. Then I let her ride me. It felt so good.

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  • Good video. You put the cam at the foot of the bed but you were careful to position your partner so that the cam can capture the action from the side or the front. She really seems to get into fucking with you. Starting with some kissing of her pussy did not hurt. She likes riding your cock like a cowgirl. Too bad we cannot see her face in that part. Afer all the energy you exerted, she owes you a dinner.

  • I love how she has her place decorated. Now this is what I was talking about in that last video with the messy place. This lady knows how to set the mood for her clients. Excellent work my Asian sister.

    • LOL at you critiquing the furniture! I’m here to jack off! This is a porn site in case you never noticed. Not the Ikea catalogue.

  • Man I need to take a trip to Hong Kong! This women look amazing!

    • Do you have a full head of hair? If not, maybe consider investing in my new BaldCoin cryptocurrency. It will make you rich enough that you can take a trip to Hong Kong whenever you want. Just hop on your private jet!

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