LostAviator fucks 770 Latinas 8

Here I am fucking one of the hundreds of latina women I came across when I landed on that island that fateful day. You can't realize how many women that is until you actually try to figure it out in your head. Fucking 700 latinas once a day, every day, would take a normal person almost 2 years. I did this feat in a very short amount of time. I had to fuck multiple women every day to pull this off. That is just normal behaviour on the island I landed on. It is basically heaven on earth.

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  • One time I was flying my plane and mid-flight I discovered that another plane in my airspace had an orgy going on. I wanted to join in, so I put the autopilot on. I have a jetpack I used to get to the other plane. I joined in and fucked 7 girls. What a party! When I was done I put my jetpack back on and returned to my plane. This kind of thing can only be done in international waters. If you did this over land you would lose your pilot’s license.

    • You sound like a complete buffoon. Do you expect us to believe this crap? Who are you, James Bond?

      • I seen the jetpacks he is talking about on the Discovery channel. I thought they were only available to the military, but maybe they have a consumer version now

        • Thank you. Yes I know it sounds unbelievable, but I do have some friends high up in the military. They wanted to come to the island where I fucked 700 latinas, so we made a deal.

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