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  • I have a Latina escort I fuck regularly who allows me to cream in her. So hot.

  • She is very pretty and does a nice job handling that monster cock. Some working girls are not used to dealing with such giant cocks and don’t know what to do with them, since they can’t even fit half of them inside their mouth, and they are often too big for their pussies. All it takes is a little practice stretching yourself out and you can fit any cock inside of you, no matter how big it first appears.

    • My exgirlfriend could fit any cock inside her with room to spare. It was like the old saying, throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

  • One time when I was flying my plane over the ocean I started to have an engine failure. My only chance to survice was to use my parachute and hope I landed safely on an island. Miraculously I ended up falling on the set of a porn movie in progress. I ended up joing the case and was basically fucking non-stop for three days to replace an actor who they told me wasn’t up to snuff. I think I am probably the only person to ever shoot a porno after jumping out of a plane.

    • I see that you pilots fuck a lot. I think I could also be a pilot I have many hours of flight in the UFO Simulator VR.

      • UFO simulator is not the same as real flight time. You need to take a real course from a certified instructor. And AussieOutlaw, my story did become the basis for a porno. The director loved the situation so much he changed the movie to be about me.

      • I think both you guy have watched too much TV. This sounds like the plot to some retarded TV show or maybe a porn movie.

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