LostAviator fucks 770 Latinas 5

Here's another one of the many latina women I got to fuck during my adventures on the island that changed my life. She was gorgeous and really tried her best to fit my giant cock inside her tiny mouth. Her body was pretty much perfect and her mouth felt really good wrapped around my hard cock. She was so wet in both her holes.

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  • CaptainJhon, I am thinking about starting a business where I shuttle people to and from the island. It’s going to be very exclusive and high end though. I’m not ruining this place with an influx of riff raff.

  • One time while flying I lost consciousness mid flight because of a great blowjob. It was such an intense orgasm I passed out. Luckily I woke up just in time and made an emergency landing in the pool of a street club. It was pretty damn crazy.

  • Her body is amazing. Latina girls always have great asses. She does a really good job fitting that guy’s massive cock in her little mouth. I loved that these girls let him shoot his hot load all over their pretty faces. Some ladies don’t like cum in their mouth or on their face, but I think most customers expect it. At the very least they should allow them to do it if they pay extra for it.

    • That sounds insane bro. You’re lucky you didn’t crash. Nothing like getting snuffed out because of a blowjob!

      • Sorry, I meant to reply to Lost Aviator.

        • Ya it was pretty crazy. Some of the stuff I’ve been through, I am lucky I survived.

          • You should offer guided tours of this Island you talk about. I’m sure people would love to visit there and sample those latina women.

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