LostAviator fucks 770 Latinas 4

Ever since I did an emergency landing with my plane on that fateful day, I have been fucking literally hundreds of latina women. I'm so glad I found Mamada Island so I could experience heaven on earth. Here's another one of the beautiful women I got to experience in my Latin America travels. She really loved my big cock and did her best to fit it all in her mouth.

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  • FlatEarther, there is also the time I had a collision with an alien ship from the planet Alpha Zeta Centauri and had sex with horny strippers. Hahaha! I was kidding but if you want I can tell you a story about an electric storm and an unknown island. You will get great views on your YouTube channel.

  • Your story of this mysterious island sounds ridiculous. Got any other good fables?

    • You are entitled to your opinion, but I have these videos proving I have fucked 700 latina women that occupied the island. Speaking of other stories, I also ran out of gas one time and landed in a stripper’s pool in Bogota. I have the best luck and the worst luck at the same time.

  • I’m the guy getting his cock sucked in this video. I am a seaplane pilot and I am currently taking a trip through Latin America. I got caught in an electric storm and landed on an unknown island, which is now called Mamada Island. That is where I met all these amazing latina women that are there to suck and fuck to your heart’s content. I have fucked more than 700 of them since I first landed.

    • That’s a great story. Do you think you might have come across UFOs in your travels? I would like to do an interview for my youtube channel.

      • Well to be honest I did see some really straning flashing lights during the electrical storm. And this island has never been mapped out by others before, so there may be some kind of a UFO connection there somewhere.

        • That is amazing. I will send you my contact info. This is the breakthrough I have been looking for to prove my theories are true. I was anally-probed seven years ago and I have not been the same since.

          • Did you get probed by aliens, or did you just end up in a gay bar by accident?

  • That guy has a pretty big cock but my fellow latina sister here does a great job taking it all inside her tiny mouth. Guys love to hear a girl struggling to fit them inside their mouth, with all the gagging and drooling noises. SHe also had a really nice body and took that cock inside her pussy really well. It’s a shame for those trashy looking tattoos on her leg though. There’s no accounting for some women’s taste I guess. Aye carumba!

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