LostAviator fucks 770 Latinas 2

I decided to bend this gorgeous latina over the bed and take her from behind. She had that amazing latina ass that they all seem to have so it felt so good to have my pelvis slamming against that booty. I loved it when she kept looking back at me while I pounded her with her beautiful eyes. Next I let her climb on top of me so she could ride me. It felt so good when she finally jacked me off, shooting my hot load all across the bed.

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  • She was really loving taking that cock from behind. She knew enough to look back at her client to let him know how much she was enjoying herself. You could tell that just made the guy that much more horny. She has a great body and her booty looks so soft and ample. Anyone would love slamming their cocks inside of her and bouncing off of that luscious ass! Ole!

    • You didn’t answer me on the last video. Why does this LostAviator fool get to fuck you two women bareback? And for free? I am a paying customer and won’t be disrespected like this.

      • Honey, you are now a former customer. No one talks to me or Bambi like that. Take a hike. We don’t need your money.

        • Exactly. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I have to answer to some loudmouth John on an Internet forum. We do what we want!

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