LoadMaster Facial Cum 24

They call me the Loadmaster. Why, you ask? Because I shoot massive cumshots big enough that they can almost choke any women unwise enough to try to swallow it all. Luckily for them I spare them the difficulty and just shoot it all over their faces. I just have to be careful I don't get too much in their eyes. Sometimes they get stuck shut!

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  • You always have the best loads but I prefer when you blast it all over their faces. Please do more videos with facials please!

  • If you pay a woman enough they will learn how to swallow any load. When they are doing it to make a living and you are giving them that living, they will do anything you ask, even if it takes a lot of hard work and practice.

  • I’ve seen this guy’s giant loads before and I am surprised she managed to keep that all down. I wouldn’t want to swallow that much cum.

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