LoadMaster Facial Cum 23

This cute VIP escort thought she could handle my massive load. I had to show her what the Loadmaster was all about and empty the full load inside her mouth. I couldn't believe she managed to keep it all in her mouth! But as you can see she quickly had to get up to run to the washroom so she could spit it out. It was too much for her to ingest at once.

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  • Mr Loadmaster, if you would like to earn some extra money, I need you for a test with our sex robots. I need to test our robot’s ability to handle massive loads. If you are interested in being a test subject, please contact me. You would be well compensated for your time.

    • Sex robots? WTF? What are you on buddy. You sound mentally ill.

      • He is mate. He is on here every weekl talking about crazy schemes. Whatever you do, don’t give him your contact info. Who knows what he will do with it.

        • Let me guess, you are an alt account of cryptobillionaire. You are too scared to face me using your main account and have to trash talk me from alts now. Pathetic!

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