LoadMaster Facial Cum 21

They call me the Loadmaster for a reason. Just watch the finish of a few of my videos and you will soon learn why. I have some of the biggest loads in the biz. I can practically drown a girl with my semen. This one tried her best to handle my hot jizz firehose, but I don't think she was ready for the force that it hit her with.

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  • That was a hell of a load! You almost took her eye out!

  • That was truly an impressive load. I would have paid her a little more and made her swallow all of it.

    • You probably would have came in two seconds then cried as she held you. Stop pretending like you are such a ladies man.

    • It’s sad you have to pay extra to get girls to do that. That tells me your personality is a horrible in real life as it is on these forums. Women probably hate you and are happy when you leave.

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