Latina Girl Sex with SugarIsland 3

I love bringing these sexy latina women back to my house so I can fuck them on camera. Sometimes they get so excited they can't even wait till we get back to my place, as you can see at the start of this video. She was so horny she stripped naked and started masturbating in my car. She was real fun and loves bareback sex.

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  • People bragging about how many burger they can eat. What happened to the good old days when a man was measured by how much cum he could produce?

  • I am the current champion of the professional burger eating league on La Mamada Island. With all the profits I have made from this sport I am now known as a Sugar Daddy. I know I am a bit fat, that comes with being the burger eating champion.

    • Wow, I didn’t realize you were the new burger eating champion. That’s kind of hot. Hey, if you ever want a freeby, I’d love for you to fill me up with your special sauce.

      • Hey that sounds like fun to me. I’ll show you what my secret sauce is made of. It’s great being the champ. Unlimited pussy every day of the week for the burger eating king.

        • Well it’s definitely sexy to me. It really turns me on.

          • Ya, how can you resist a burger eating champion. Diabetes, stretch marks, and greasy skin are always three things women love. LOL! The guy is a fat slob that is eating himself to an early grave.

  • Damn now that is one fine chica in the backseat there. She seems to be so horny that she couldn’t wait to take his dick inside her so she took matters into her own hands. That is always hot when the chica is just as into the sex as their customer. He is lucky he never crashed though. If she was in my back seat touching herself I wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes on the road.

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