Latina Girl Sex with SugarIsland 1

I was bringing these two ladies back to my place to fuck them both. I love having threesomes. But they got really excited in my car and started having lesbian sex right in the back seat. I am not one to waste good footage like this, so I started my camera so I could share it with you guys. I had a raging boner by the time I got back to my place, and I put it to good use on these fine ladies.

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  • Boy, I’d sure love to be in that back seat with those two beauties right now. What a great show they put on. And this clown is too busy driving to pay attention.

    • Can none of you putos read? He said right in the description that he fucked them when he got to his place. Aye Carumba!

      • Ya I noticed a lot of these commenters are not the brightest. LOL! They probably wouldn’t know what to do if they had women like this in their car.

  • I am going to pray that this man doesn’t crash his car with that hot scene going on back there. He is going to need God on his side to keep his eyes on the road.

  • Wow that is really hot. That guy must have extreme willpower to be able to have that going on in his back seat and still pay attention to his driving. I would be back there licking pussy on those fine chicas. Actually this is getting me really hot and I am going to have to take a minute to enjoy this video and touch myself. Aye carumba! I love me some fine Latina sisters who can lick a pussy good.

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