Korean man creampies all girls in GloryCity 3

I took a vacation to the legendary GloryCity. I'm here just in time to see the next Cock Boxing League main event. While I am here I'm also going to fuck all the GloryCity girls I can find. I love Cock Boxing. in my home of Korea it is the second most watched sport, right after electronic sports. We take our Cock Boxing serious here. I had fun banging this big-bootied black babe here in Glory City. I just wish my cock was stronger so I could complete in the tournament myself.

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  • She is so beautiful. She has that nice femine look a lot of black girls are missing.

  • She looks amazing. I love her hair. I was surprised when I found out most black women use extensions in their hair.

    • That’s not always true. I know plenty of black escorts with longer hair that don’t use extensions. It just takes them much longer to get ready in the morning, managing the natural curls. They spend a lot of time straightening it out.

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