Korean man creampies all girls in GloryCity 2

While I'm here waiting for the tournament to start in GloryCity, I've been busy filling up these sexy black girls' pussies with my Korean man jizz. I love seeing a nice dark pussy envelope my yellow penis. I don't get to fuck any black women in my home country, so it is a very special treat for me here. I have come to really desire a thick black ass after a few sessions with the ladies here. I think it might be my new fetish.

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  • This guy has a big cock for an Asian dude.

  • This is one lucky Asian dude. I bet he is loving all that black booty he is shoving his Asian cock in!

    • She does indeed have a gorgeous ass. I wish I was black sometimes so I could have a great ass and not have to work at it.

      • There’s plenty of black ladies with gross asses, so stop trying to act like they don’t have to work at looking nice. That’s dumb.

        • Don’t bother. Most of these accounts are just 1 dude who’s bored and trolling the comment section. It’s pretty sad

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