Im SupremeHater and I make better videos than the cryptobillionaire and his clown fans 5

If you have been watching the horrible videos uploaded by the goofs like CryptoBillionaire and his retarded followers then you will appreciate this one much more. I show these buffoons how to really fuck a woman on camera. Just look at the beautiful Asian. It's not often you find Asians with big tits like this. Basically perfect. Compare this to the slags Mr CB and his followers fuck. My content is much better, you have to agree.

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  • Do you see this nice Asian I have sex with in this video? This is how you do a porn shoot. CryptoBillionaire can’t even get an asian to fuck him. Apparently he pays the women he hires to put tape on the sides of their eyes and makes them sing little Asian songs. That doesn’t work so good because most of the women he hires are actually black! What a doofus!

  • Asian women with big boobs is a hgue fetish for some of my customers. It’s kind of a rarity, since most Asian women tend to be extremely thin. Usually they don’t manage more than c cups at the most. But this beauty has ample bosoms and I bet she is really popular because of that. It looked like she still made him keep a condom on at the end though. If she is charging VIP prices she should be doing bareback blowjobs at least.

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