Im SupremeHater and I make better videos than the cryptobillionaire and his clown fans 3

Here I am, The Supreme Hater, fucking a black woman. She was eager to take my hard white cock deep inside of her. She had a really nice body, with a tight ass and nice tits for the size of her frame. I like rolling her around the bedroom and fucking that tight pink pussy as hard as I could. I definitely fuck better than the crypto billionaire ever could, or any of his lame fan boys.

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  • If you see in my other video I mentioned CryptoBillionaire lived in a vending machine as early as 3 years ago. After being violently delivered by that device, he knew a world full of dangers and avant-garde Asian restaurants. Of course, he developed an understandable phobia of vending, which explains why, for example, he never wanted to have relationships with a vending machine, nor has he been seen in Glorycity walking hand in hand with any of them, it would be a contradiction, don’t you think?

  • I love seeing my black sisters with natural hair. So many of them are using weaves and straighteners and shit like that. It’s nice to see just a plain old afro on a black girl. She has that natural look that most of my customers love. I could definitely make her rich if I introduced her to some of my clientele. Most of my white customers always pick brown or black women to fuck because they want something out of the norm for them.

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