Im SupremeHater and I make better videos than the cryptobillionaire and his clown fans 2

Now this was a pretty shady hotel room I met this sexy black woman in. She had heard of me before. My reputation as the Supreme Hater preceeded me. She made me wear a condom before she would even suck me off, which kind of turned me off from the start. But once I seen her hot black body I got nice and hard real quick.

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  • I’m glad you are here Mr Supreme Hater. The tide is slowly turning on the fraud cryptobillionaire. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you sir. I have been following this clown for years and I have even managed to obtain the vending machine he lived in for years. Something disturbing I found out when I took possession of his vending machine home, he didn’t always leave to relieve himself. He had a corner that he used as a toilet. I feel sorry for the people that tried to use that vending machine while he was living in it. Certainly the products dispensed were terribly soiled.

  • This woman looked like she’d be more interested in algebra class lol

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