Im SupremeHater and I make better videos than the cryptobillionaire and his clown fans 1

Look at the little adventures I go on for you guys. I have to meet these women in the strangest of places. You never know what you're going to see on a Supreme Hater video. Unlike the clowns that keep making videos for the cryptobillionaire. They are basically all the same. Never a dull moment when the one and only Supreme Hater is getting his dick sucked.

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  • This video was actually shot in the same shady motel that Mr Crytobillionaire’s vending machine home was located. Now they have a tribute there in place of the machine. The sign says, “here lived the biggest fraud the crypto industry has ever known.” But you people still love this man and do tribute videos for him. Pathetic. He deserves to be mocked like the clown that he is.

    • Each lie you make about me just makes my pending legal case against you stronger. Keep it up fool.

      • The only lawsuit you should worry about is the one the you are facing from the owners of the vending machine. They want back rent for the numerous years you lived there. Plus punitive damages for the products of theirs you destroyed by using their machine as your toilet. I hope BTC keeps going up, you’re going to need the money to pay for your legal problems.

        • Haha, I love it. Finally justice for this fraud and all the damage he has done to people over the years with his get rich quick gambling schemes.

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