I visit asian girls in motels 4

I love asian women. I've been hiring asian escorts a lot lately and bringing them to hotel rooms so I can have sex with them in a comfortable location. The camera location wasn't optimal during this video, so I will work on that better for next time. You do get to see most of the action though, especially when I get her on all fours and fuck her doggstyle. She had that great little Asian moan that women from that part of the world always seem to do.

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  • Nice try. I agree with you that you should have positioned the camera more to the right. Also more light is needed. Also when you are eating her orchid, we want to see her face but there are pillows in the way. Keep trying. Carefully set up everything ahead of time.

    The blow job is very good. Her vocalizations are nice; not fake like in Japanese porn. Real moans of pleasure.

  • This is a bit better camera angle than the previous video. I’ll give you 3 stars for this one because I gave you 2 stars for the last one. The same feedback I wrote on your other video applies here.

  • What a sweet girl. I would love to fill her full of my hot, white jizz

  • I love Asian women the really moan loud. It is such a turn on for me. Next time turn some lights on dude. It’s dark in there.

    • Ya they make the best sex noises. You can’t tell if they are loving it or if they are in pain.

      • Ya I’ve watched a few Japanese pornos where it sounds more like crying. It’s kind of a boner killer for me TBH.

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