I visit asian girls in motels 2

Here's another video I shot years ago when I was out hunting some hot Asian pussy. I went to a really seedy hotel room and met up with a real hot babe. She started out sucking my cock, and eventually I shoved my cock in her tiny Asian pussy. Then she finished me off with a nice handjob, making me shoot out a nice load of hot cum.

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  • I hope you do not mind constructive criticism.
    This video gets 2/5 and that is generous.
    1. If you are using a single fixed camera, make sure that is placed either perpendicular to the bodies of your partner and yoursef or, second best, looking toward your heads, not your feet. Here, you put the camera at the foot of the bed and then positioned her and your self so we get a great view of your ass and the bottom of her feet. That is NOT what you want to show and NOT what we want to see.
    2. At the beginning, she is clearly not in the mood. She is checking her phone and only turns to you when you plop yourself down next to her. There may be nothing you can do about this. Some pros are the type with low self esteem who dont want to enjoy their work. It is possible, she just fucked with her boyfriend. There a lot of reasons for this. But at least try to get her in the mood. Chat with her. Joke with her. Ask her if she would like you to massage her back. Because if you do not, you end up like you ended up here and you have to jerk yourself off after you paid this woman your money for sex.
    3. If you want to make really good pro movies, you need to work on your technique, both the videography and the sex. Think about it. You can do it if you really want to.

  • I would have made her suck it at the end instead of giving me a handjob. I can do a handjob myself.

  • I wonder what you would see with a blacklight if you used one in one of those motel rooms.

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