I fuck beautiful girls from Los Angeles in cheap motels with bad reviews 4

There's something therapeutic about fucking hookers in sleazy motels. It kind of just goes together, like peanut butter and chocolate. I tend to stay in some of the worst motels available. Honestly, most of these places probably should be shut down. They are unsafe, unclean, and in really bad neighbourhoods. But for some reason that just makes the sex seem so much better.

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  • These people make me laugh, until I realize the sadness of their situation, then I just feel repulsed. Imagine not having the money to be able to afford even one nice room. I bet he had to take an uber to get there, since someone that poor could never afford their own vehicle. Obviously this slob doesn’t have his own home gym either. Just look at him. I bet he’s never even been on a plane, let alone have his own fleet of private jets like me. It really sickens me.

    • Wow, no one cares about how rich you are man. This guy is getting laid and having fun doing it. Who are you to judge him for it? Maybe worry about your own finances and just shutup and enjoy the video.

      • It’s pretty hard to enjoy the video when it’s being shot in a literal roach motel. It’s kind of distracting, wouldn’t you agree? I mean, just look at that place! You can practically smell the dried semen through the screen! Maybe that’s OK to peons like you, but to the wealthy and affluent people out there like me, it is disgusting and a huge turn off. I can’t beat off to this!

        • Believe it or not, I’m here to look at the girl, not critique their surroundings. Get a life dude. Stop flexing to strangers on the Internet.

  • She has a nice slender body and a great, sexy outfit. But she really needs something done with that hair. The dark roots and dirty blonde tips look like she hasn’t been able to afford a dye job in about 6 months. Maybe that is the style she was going for, but I doubt it. I think it’s just lack of maintenance. She would be very pretty though if she just took her hair care more serious. Also disappointed to see that she made him wear a condom. Guys hate that.

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