I fuck beautiful girls from Los Angeles in cheap motels with bad reviews 2

The contrast between the beautiful women I pick up in Los Angeles and the horrible rooms I stay in is really quite astounding. It would almost make an good art piece, beauty in a place of filth, like a diamond in the rough. When I see a nice wet pussy in front of me, I don't care that the bed sheets have probably never been washed for a year, or that there are cockroaches in the shower. I just want to bust a nut.

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  • Similar to other clip. I also do not like condom for BJ.

  • Don’t feel bad about slumming it sometimes. People like that idiot moneyneversleeps will just shit talk you no matter what you do.

    • Wrong, I only shit talk people that deserve it. Namely low class trash lke you and this fool that has sex in roach motels. You can’t teach people to have class apparently.

      • You are the last person to be talking to anyone about having class. You are the most classless buffoon I have seen in my life. Money can’t buy you everything.

  • Another stunning latina sister. I’ve never seen so many of my fellow escorts make men wear condoms for BJs though. But she is beautiful and does a good job at keeping him hard, even with the rubber on. The heart stickies over her nipples are cute too, but I think most men would prefer having access to the nipples for sucking. She looked gorgeous when he had her bent over fucking her doggystyle. Such a nice ass on her. I bet he would have given a bigger tip if she let him shoot his load all over her ass and back.

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