I fuck beautiful girls from Los Angeles in cheap motels with bad reviews 1

Sometimes the hooker costs me so much money that I need to skimp on the venue. That's why I always try to find the cheapest motels in Los Angeles. They always have the worst reviews. Dirty, bad neighbourhoods. I don't care...all I want is a cheap room for an hour with a bed so I can get my dick wet. I could tell you some horror stories about these places. But when I'm getting fucked I don't really care about my surroundings all that much.

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  • He uses a cell phone. Love the blow job. She closes her eyes. So cute. Like the way you used that mirror. Good job.

  • OMFG! What a cutie! I love when sex workers let me film.
    Great sex hotel also, Love the mirrors. What is the name? I want to bring my wife there. It will turn her on that it is a hooker hotel.

  • I see people ragging on moneyneversleeps for refusing to fuck women in places like this, but I have to agree with him. Not because I am too good for a cheap motel. I have just had bad experiences with bed bugs and cockroaches getting into my luggage. It’s kind of a safety hazard.

    • Thank you. Some people just have no class, or perhaps their homes are just as filthy as this, so they don’t know any different.

      • Give me a break. The place could be perfectly clean, and just in a bad part of town, and you would still insult it. Try to realize not everyone is a millionaire like you. Admit it, you just like looking down on people.

  • Just look at this trash hole. And you put it in the title of your video like you are proud of fucking women in places like this? You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Are you kidding? Who is worried about the room when you have hot pussy like this in front of you? You’re saying you’ve never fucked someone in a slightly shady place?

      • No fool, I only fuck my women in 5 star hotels or my own luxury homes. I would only set foot in a place like this to post a demolition permit on the wall.

        • Well aren’t you special. It must be weird being so privileged and entitled. How is the air up there?

          • What you call privileged, I call the result of years of hard work. You should try it sometime. Maybe your standards will improve too.

  • I must say I love this Chica’s outfit. Anything fishnet is always a turn on for my clients. She kind of gets me wet too just looking at her. But I can’t believe she makes the poor black man wear a condom just to suck his cock. That is a big no no for me. If you are afraid to suck a bare cock then you should probably be in a different business.

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