GenghisShaoCum Fucks elite Persian girl 1

This Persian girl was so exotic looking I couldn't wait to get my hard cock inside of her. She had her hair all done up to look like a Persian princess. Once she started sucking on my cock I knew I was in for a treat. We fucked for 30 minutes straight and I ended up jacking off onto her big tits after an amazing blowjob. I will definitely be back for round 2 with her.

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  • Some nice things about this. She is b beautiful. Her pussy lips are like rose petals. You should have eaten them for at least 15 minutes. Love her moaning. The first part where you hid the camera behid some stuff was very good because the fixed camera did not distract. When you held the cam or had her hold it, there was too much motion. Overall you get 9/10.
    BTW Genghis was a Mongol, not a persian.

  • I remember this video like it was yesterday. I have gone back to fuck this same women at least 6 times since this video. She will someday be my Queen and we will rule the world together, just like my ancestors.

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