Fan of the Cryptobillionaire emulated his idol in a new series 7

The more money I make in crypto, the hotter the women get that want to suck on my hard penis. It's like Scarface said, first comes the money, then comes the power, then comes the women. I owe it all to the cryptobillionaire, so I have been making these tribute videos to try to spread awareness of what a great man he is and how he can help you change your life.

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  • By spreading the awareness of the cryptobillionaire, you are dooming thousands of other people to lose all their money. He knows nothing about crypto other than how to buy it and spend it. He got lucky. If anyone sees this, please invest in BaldCoin instead. I can show you how to make real money.

    • BaldCoin is a trashcoin. Anyone investing in anything other than BTC and ETH are the real fools. Your BaldCoin will be worthless within months and the only person that will have made money will be you. Scammer!

      • You tell him crypto man! Thank you for looking out for the little guy!

        • Just so you know, stress will inhibit the growth of new hair. If you are serious about the sperm scalp therapy, please stop engaging in online flame wars. This will reverse all the progress you have made so far.

        • We have investors that have already more than doubled their money. Keep falling for the smoke and mirrors of this hack. You deserve everything you get.

  • Nice internal pussy cumshot to finish things off. I would love to have my cock buried in that nice ass. She looks so soft and inviting.

  • She has a gorgeous body, but I don’t know why she has to wear the stupid face mask to hide her identity. I know most men I know complain about stuff like that. No one cares about your identity. If you are worried about it, either tell your clients not to film, or make sure they blur out your face before they upload the video somewhere. Otherwise she is a really hot woman.

    • It looks like she took the mask off after a few minutes so you are wasting your breath getting upset over nothing.

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