Fan of the Cryptobillionaire emulated his idol in a new series 5

Here's a crazy party chick I picked up to fuck. I told her I was making fan videos to support my hero, the cryptobillionaire. She didn't know what I was talking about, but didn't seem to care either way. After we were done fucking I showed her some of his videos and taught her about crypto investing and now she is a devout follower of the cryptobillionaire too.

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  • Another compilation video? Just like your other compilation video, here’s why I’m giving 1 star: There’s 5 girls in 1 compilation video. Why not just upload 5 videos and let us see everything? I’ll take 5 videos over 1 compilation video any day of the week.

  • That’s amazing that you helped her become part of my team! Everyone is welcome in the cryptobillionai’re trading club. We can all get rich together! And fuck the women of our dreams!

  • She has a trashy look that I don’t really like. She’s not as bad as some girls I’ve seen, but between the ugly tattoo and the poor dye job on her hair, she really doesn’t do anything for me. She does do a nice job sucking him off, so at least she has some skills in that department. And it was nice of her to swallow his load. If you don’t want to take a mouth full of cum, you shouldn’t be in the industry.

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