Fan of the Cryptobillionaire emulated his idol in a new series 4

This petite Asian beauty offered a full body massage, and I was happy to receive one. My body was aching from a busy week of trading crypto, all thanks to the investment advice I took from the cryptobillionaire. She covered herself in oil and rubbed her pussy and tits all over me. I ended up giving her a nice tip in bitcoin after I came.

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  • Of course this guy in the video is spending all his bitcoin when it is near yearly lows. You can tell he took his financial advice from the cryptobillionaire. LOL.

  • Man, I really want to get one of those massages. But I would probably get too anxious and just try to fuck her half way through the massage. I wouldn’t be able to hold myself back.

  • I’ve always wanted to know how to do one of those full body massages. I think they call it nuru massages. The Asian women are the best at it, I guess because that is where it originated from. She really uses a lot of lube on her pussy though. That might not be that great if the client decided he wanted to lick her pussy during the session. He would end up with a mouthful of lubricant. But otherwise she is a very talented masseuse.

    • No smart guy goes down on an escort. You never know how many cocks were inside of her before you that day. It’s just common sense.

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