Fan of the Cryptobillionaire emulated his idol in a new series 34

I'm back with another tribute series for my hero, the cryptobillionaire. This time I hired myself a beautiful black woman with an incredible body and an amazing set of lips. Well, two amazing sets of lips. The colour of her skin was so perfect. I have never been with such an exotic-looking woman. The truth is I would never be able to afford to live a lifestyle like this, fucking hot women every week, without the financial advice I got from Mr. CB.

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  • Excellent choice with this beautiful black woman. She does look very exotic. One word of warning with these beautiful, black queens. Never touch their hair. They spend a lot of time working on their hair and usually have to use expensive extensions to get the look this babe has going on here. I have seen black women get violent to people that fuck with their hair. It’s not meant to be played with.

  • cocke on

    All they say about him is little. I tell my experience with the Cryptobillionaire.
    One night I hooked up with a hot girl and I was so drunk that I had the girl on all fours but I couldn’t manage to fit my big cock into her pussy. “For once I flirt without paying,” I lamented, thinking that I would not succeed.
    Suddenly, a hand was placed on my shoulder and a voice whispered to me: “calm down.” He was the Crypto Billionaire. He grabbed my dick and asked me:
    – which hole do you want?
    “The bottom one first,” I told him.
    Expertly, he guided my cock into that girl’s pussy and I was able to start fucking her. And not only that. At one point I told the Cryptobillionaire: “I want to change to the other hole” and he took it from me to introduce it into the girl’s anus, where I ended up.
    When I finished I saw that he was no longer there, but he had left me a sandwich prepared in the kitchen.
    He is an angel.

    • Thanks for the excellent story my friend. Glad I could be of service helping you fuck that woman in the ass. It was all my pleasure.

      • These are your fans. Men that need help fucking a woman. The blind leading the blind. What a sad group you are. Does CryptoBillionaire help you cut your food too? Does he chew it first and spit it into your mouth like you’re a little bird?

    • You fools praising this man are ridiculous. You might as well go to the casino and start worshipping the first person you see win a jackpot on the slot machines. He got lucky, he lost all his money once already, and I have no doubt he’ll lose it all again.

      • Keep being jealous. The only fool here is you. Where are your adoring fans posting tribute videos about you? Funny, I can’t seem to find any on this site.

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