Fan of the Cryptobillionaire emulated his idol in a new series 34

Here is another series of videos in my tribute to my hero, the CryptoBillionaire. With the success I've found with the help of the CryptoBillionaire's investing strategies, I figured I'd share some of my wealth and good times with the community to show my appreciation. Normally a fat slob like myself would never be able to get with a hot babe like this, but Mr CB made it all possible for me.

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  • I think the matrix creates bald npcs to save resources. Sometimes they also do little sport and have a small penis to limit their movements and save even more resources.

    • You’re a buffoon. Your conspiracy theories are normally bad enough, but now you’re involving bald men in them? GTFO of here with that crap.

      • Look it’s a bald man that was punished by the matrix. He’s angry his secret is being exposed. Can’t let the truth out about how he’s a pawn of their system.

  • There’s a difference between nice tattoos and trashy tattoos. I get that some guys like trashy tattoos too, but they have a point of no return when even those guys will say the tattoos look too bad. I think this girl is a prime example of that. It looks like she had these tatts done inside, if you know what I mean. I wonder what she was in for? Either that, or she had a drunk friend tattoo her at a party one night. Either way, she needs to get them removed.

  • What a good whore she is

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