Fan of the Cryptobillionaire emulated his idol in a new series 33

Sure, my place isn't as nice looking as MoneyNeverSleep's high end gym, but the women I get to fuck here are just as hot or better. Look at this beauty. She loved sucking on my hard cock and she loved it even better when I stuck it inside her wet pussy. All in a day's work for me, the CryptoBillionaire's biggest fanboy. I do these videos to show how far I've come since adopting his investing strategies.

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  • Have you ever wondered what happened to the Cryptobillionaire after living in a vending machine?

    • Not really, but I assume you’re going to tell us?

      • The orange bird as his closest friends knew him wanted to break with a past full of excesses and embark on a spiritual journey towards his deepest self, so he went to Las Vegas, he needed to change his addiction to chocolate chip cookies and chips for one thing that seemed urgent to him: LIVE live from the game. In the casinos he acquired values: solidarity, respect…. there he learned that life is like Russian roulette, a philosophy that helped him earn a lot of money and set up a personal humiliation business called: How to be a Cryptobillionaire for dummies.

        • Wow, you’re really pushing your luck. I believe I already told you to stop your slander. The next step will be from my lawyers.

          • It is impressive someone that lives in a vending machine can have a team of lawyers. Are you sure your lawyers aren’t a bunch of Coke and Sprite cans that you painted faces on? Can you ask your can friends if they think you should be put into a mental hospital? Because I don’t think someone that talks to soda cans and pretends they are a legal team is of sound mind, dude.

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