Fan of the Cryptobillionaire emulated his idol in a new series 32

Here's another gorgeous VIP escort that I was able to afford because of following the investing advice of my hero, the Cryptobillionaire. She was very expensive to hire. I don't think most people could afford her hourly rate, unless they were independently wealthy like myself. And I owe all my money to the cryptobillionaire. He told me exactly when to buy and sell my BTC to make myself a multimillionaire. Next stop, billionaire. Hopefully one day soon.

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  • Have you ever seen your hero, the Cryptobillionaire’s, social media profiles? Check them out sometime. I can’t believe you would idolize someone that dresses like a buffoon. He wears one of those little bowties like Tucker Carlson.

    • Haha ya someone sent them to me. He definely looks like a fruit loop. I wonder if he swings both ways.

      • Oh wow, now you have me intrigued. Hit me up on snapchat CryptoBillionaire. We can exchange pics. ;)

        • First of all, I am NOT GAY! Second, I have my social media accounts privated. How are you people getting this info? Moneyneversleeps, did your PI friend me on facebook? I guess I need to clean out my friends list. I am getting that protection order and you will go to jail if you keep this stalking up.

          • If you don’t want it public, then don’t put it on social media. You are a joke. Even my grandmother knows how to work the privacy settings on her facebook account. I can’t believe take financial advice from you.

    • Personally I think Tucker dresses cute, so I am sure the CryptoBillionaire is also cute. Plus I understand he is loaded. That is more attractive then how someone dresses.

  • She claims to be a VIP escort, but honestly she looks like she got her jewellery from the dollar store. It’s like she just came home from her day job as being a secretary. Not something I would expect if I was paying big dollars for a supposed VIP escort. She does seem to enjoy sucking his cock, so that is nice. I’m sure he enjoyed the sex, but for the money, he could do a lot better.

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