Fan of the Cryptobillionaire emulated his idol in a new series 32

Just because I'm an old dude with a big gut and an average cock doesn't mean I can't fuck hot women like this on the regular. Know what my secret is? It's having lots of money. I got rich by following the investment advice of the CryptoBillionaire. I made a fortune by buying bitcoin at the right time, and now I make videos showing how I get to spend my money these days. This should be the best commercial ever for the financial teachings of the CryptoBillionaire.

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  • Supergay007, you will love CryptoBillionaire’s latest performance as CryptoGay. It is called ButtCoin Billlionaire’s and is about gay men that trade their ass for bitcoin and try to become billionaires. But all they get is loads in their ass. It is really a moving film. Some of CryptoBillionaire’s finest work. You can tell he really pulled deep into his emotions, drawing from his horrible life living in a vending machine. The hurt was real, not just induced by the large black penises in his ass.

  • cowboy69, I have gay spyware or something that causes gay videos to pop up and I can’t close the windows. I don’t watch them on purpose, I swear.

    • I think you have a Gay RansorWare. I recommend that you format your pc and install a linux distro, this will take you away from those problems.

  • The Crypto Billionaire is that GTA side character you take out in the second mission. It’s that ninja turtle who crashes his rented Ferrari on the first turn of an illegal race against the ghost of his ego. A giant highlighter who in another unexpected swerve becomes an interracial gay porn actor, he is CryptoGay.

    • I’m a big fan of CryptoGay I love that movie that his ass is destroyed by 8 Senegalese men and two German dwarfs. It is a cult movie for me and I hope there will be a second part.

      • You two are complete clowns. SupremeHater is just an internet troll. But he is going to learn the hard way that actions have consequences. And supergay, I am not CryptoGay. I have never acted in a gay porn movie and never will. I am 100% heterosexual. Please don’t make that mistake again.

        • I’m not gay or anything like that but I’ve seen 4 CryptoGay movies by mistake and it looks a lot like Cryptobillionaire.

          • Nobody watches 4 gay movies by mistake.

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