Fan of the Cryptobillionaire emulated his idol in a new series 29

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That couldn't be more true. I've been watching the cryptobillionaire's porn videos for years now, and following his instructions has allowed me to live the exact same lifestyle that he has shown is possible. I like to hire these VIP escorts and fuck them on camera to show everyone else that the cryptobillionaire's strategies work for the average Joe too.

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  • This latina babe has a killer body. She is really getting into the sex and you can tell by her moans that she is genuinely enjoying it and not just putting on an act. It’s bad when a girl doesn’t at least pretend she is enjoying herself. It is really stupid because if the guy thinks you are enjoying it, they will usually cum quicker so you can get out of there and on to your next client faster. Money in the bank!

    • I’ve been with a hooker that literally stared at the clock the whole time I was fucking her. it was really annoying and you’re right, it made it hard to cum! No tip for her!

  • I keep hearing people boast about how this cryptobillionaire guy helped them become millionaires and how they can now afford to go around fucking all these hot women. Is this stuff really true? And if so, where can I learn his investment strategies?

    • Don’t waste your time. His investment strategies involved gambling on volatile crypto by buying a whole bunch at a random time, then hoping it goes up some day. You are better off to go to the casino and bet everything you own on black.

      • Not true at all. In fact I have become a billionaire twice now. My method is easily repeatable.

        • Ya, you became a billionaire twice because you lost all your money once already and were literally on here begging for handouts at one point. Without your begging you would be living on the streets in a cardboard box.

          • cocke on

            Can you two get a room? I’m sick of hearing you two fight over your wealth every time I come here to beat off.

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