Fan of the Cryptobillionaire emulated his idol in a new series 28

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  • This guy likes to emulate his “hero” the cryptobillionaire. When is the video coming where you lose all your money in the next crypto crash then have to beg on here to get enough money to pay your property taxes before you lose your house? LOL!

    • I’ve been a billionaire two times now, and BTC is only going to go through the roof now. 100K BTC coming soon. Mark my words.

      • 100K BTC when pigs fly. You will be broke again before Christmas. You mark my words. I would bet you, but I know you wouldn’t be good to cover the debt.

  • That is a really great close up shot of her pussy and asshole. It is nice she seems to take care of herself and has her clam and butthole shaved nice. Some girls neglect their asshole. Nothing worse than banging a broad from behind and seeing long asshairs around her pink starfish. Take some pride in your body’s, my latina sisters! Aye carumba!

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